Monday, September 7, 2015

It’s All About The Lessons

Brace yourself -- September is going to be crazier than August! :)

So it’s like this.
I planned on launching the website on September 13, at the New Moon during the small window when Venus is still in Leo (until October 8), when Venus is Direct (September 6) and before Mercury goes retrograde (September 17).

However, life is what happens when we’re planning other things, right?
So, let’s just say some things are beyond my control and I can only work on the stuff that I have personal control over. I have no control over what others think and do.

Due to my previous Google+ account being hacked, the related email and PayPal accounts have also been compromised. I now need a new Debit Card Account to apply for a new PayPal Account that links to my book sales.

That being the case, I will now launch after October 9 when Mercury goes Direct. The Astrologers prefer this date to September as September has two Eclipses and most Astrologers believe Eclipse time is not the best time to launch. I was intent on launching asap as I was well over the initial dateline I had set for myself in April/May.

As a matter of fact, I’m beginning to believe that all these mishaps, mistakes and delays are the universe’s way of telling me I should not launch in September. My Higher Self, Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides are talking to me and I should listen.

Venus retrograde on July 25 – September 6 was extremely difficult for me as I have Taurus Rising and it was difficult for my Graphic Artist who has a Taurus Sun. Whether one believes in Astrology or not, these are all about energy patterns and flow. In the case of my Graphic Artist, Venus retrograde affected him to the extent that we could have gone our separate ways. Both of us were under a lot of strain for the whole of the six weeks of Venus retrograde. Believe it or not, a day before Venus was to go Direct, he became pleasant to work with again. Even I am flabbergasted by the “coincidence”. By that I mean, that while I use Astrology to guide me with the timing of events, I don’t expect it to have that much an influence on individual behavior.

Venus will no longer be in Leo in October but at least it would be Direct. The New Moon on October 13 looks like the final date to go for the launch. Allowing for the “pattern of mistakes” of the last few months to hold, I see no reason why my team can’t deliver on this new date. It would really be a failure of galactic proportions for the current team not to be able to make this new launch date. It would be so unbelievably ridiculous that I would have to laugh or go mad. With all my Self Empowerment and Mindfulness training, I would have to choose laugh.

Life is all about the lessons it seems.
If we fail to grasp this, we fail big time.
While we forgive people their mistakes and limitations, we must not forget the lessons learned.
To not learn the lessons would be a waste of the pain of the experience.

The message for September is this:
We live our lives.
We learn our lessons.
We do our thing being true to ourselves.
We leave our legacies.
The journey is the goal.
The goal is NOT the destination.
The destination is Nirvana.