Sunday, December 23, 2018

Prebirth Contract, You Say?

Those who believe in the Prebirth Contract theory say we all choose the lives we have. Some of them say it’s not a belief, opinion or theory; they say they have reproducible evidence from recorded hypnotherapy sessions and from interviews with disembodied spirits via mediums. Giving this theory (it is a theory to me) the benefit of the doubt, assuming it’s how they say it is — we choose the horrible, traumatic, circumstances/experiences/events in our lives so that we fulfill a prebirth wish/desire/agenda for the purpose of soul evolution — I need to ask:

1. How do souls make use of the “lessons” in a particular lifetime in the afterlife and/or in-between lifetimes? If we can’t remember our previous lifetimes (unless we submit to soul regression therapy), how do we apply the lessons learned from previous lifetimes? How do souls (energy/consciousness) benefit from such painful/traumatic experiences?

2. Do animals also choose the circumstances, experiences, events in their lives? I just saw a video of a homeless man being forcibly removed from the curb by a group of policemen answering a call complaining about a vagrant and his dog. The dog was understandably agitated when the police started to manhandle his owner. One of the police officers put his knee on the dog and promptly shot it in the head. On seeing this, the owner became hysterical and had to be subdued by no less than 6 police officers. The dog continued to wag its tail until he passed. This happened in Barcelona, Spain. The video was posted by the dog rescuer who happened to witness the event. (

3. Are we to believe that everyone (animals included) involved in every situation on the planet is sticking to the script of the prebirth contract? If we believe in free will, does it not suggest that some players in any given script can and will go slightly off-script at a whim or even go completely off on a tangent? At what point in the script does anyone get to say, “Stop! I know what I agreed to in the prebirth contract but now I’m here and about to do this horrible thing and I’m making a free will decision that I’m changing my mind. I don’t want to do this.” That one person’s free will decision — “no, I’m not going to do this awful thing” — will alter others’ prebirth contracts’ scripts and ripple through many lives and lifetimes. So how do we know when it’s a prebirth contract playing out tightly by the script and when is it a case of free will altering the course of destiny and/or fate?

4. It has taken me a lifetime to learn the major lessons in my life. I won’t be able to benefit from these lessons with the time I have left of this lifetime. I’m wondering how these lessons in my life will serve me (my energy/consciousness/spirit) in the afterlife and in-between lifetimes? I’m guessing that if we meet the challenges lifetime after lifetime without diminishing the quality of our souls, we actually increase the sum total of our energy. And then, what? I’m hoping it means we get to choose to enjoy the quality of our consciousness on a different plane instead of having to learn lessons ad infinitum.

5. Imagine the situation in a court of law when criminals think to plead not guilty citing the prebirth contract as a defense. Mind-boggling stuff. They are pleading insanity as a defense, why not this?

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