Wednesday, July 6, 2016

“My kind of weird” = “My people”

“My kind of weird” begins with the basic qualities of compassion and kindness. These two qualities cover thoughtfulness and consideration. Tick those boxes and we can play and see if the other qualities are compatible. If those boxes can’t be ticked, it doesn’t matter what other qualities a person has, he/she will not be “my people.” I find these basic qualities necessary as I work on the premise that we are all victims and come from a broken place. Compassion and kindness are preservation and survival tools.

After compassion and kindness, it’s important to have the quality of true intelligence. What is true intelligence?

In ‘Utopia,’ while commenting on the role of intellectuals in politics, Sir Thomas More concluded that at best, intellectuals could, by their counsel, prevent some evil from being done. Most then would agree that true intelligence would be the ability to solve the problems of our times. True intelligence is when you can be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem.

It is said the classics teach us to think and that there’s no better way of sharpening one’s intellect. If you agree with this line of reasoning then, being intellectual must mean that intellectuals are able to think for themselves; to question what they read and what’s been said to them. Short of quoting the Buddha when he said that no man should accept anything on faith. Every person should question what he hears even if it’s from the Buddha himself. And it’s important to read because reading hones the thinking process.

And what about the bit about: “Intelligence having to be developed together with the heart or else there will be an imbalance in the personality?” It is said that intelligence minus the heart can justify any evil.

To answer the questions: What’s “my kind of weird?" And, who are “my people?” The short answer is, “my people” are compassionate, kind and truly intelligent. “My people” are faithful, loyal and grateful (hence dogs are my people too). “My people” are self-empowered, insightful, dynamic problem solvers who are predominantly solution oriented. If you’re selling those qualities, I’m buying. Finally, “my people” either like or love me. They buy what I’m selling. Yes, they do.