Monday, May 30, 2016


Please note the server that is hosting is undergoing “major data center migration and consolidation exercise from July 2016 till the end of October 2016.”

In view of this, I am not renewing my web package in mid-June and will only consider resuming once the host provider has sorted its “continuous commitment to provide better services and better hosting experience to (their) valued clients in October.”

This will give me time to rewrite the books in a new format and place on other platforms if that is the way to go for me in the future. Once the manuscripts are on free servers, they will be archived there for a long time for no charge. I am studying the POD (Print On Demand) option in the meantime.

When I first announced the impending launch of, there was an average of 600 monthly viewers. All they got to see was a temporary WIP (Work In Progress) page. As it got closer and closer to the October 2015 launch date, the number of viewers went up. After the launch, there was a steady stream of over 1K viewers a month. My webmaster was surprised that a new website could get so many viewers.

In any case, there were few conversions. Some of my friends told me they had difficulty paying with their smart phones. With others, it could be that there are trust issues with using cards on my website even though I’ve been reassuring the public that they’ll still be going through PayPal. Additionally, I am supposing that as a new author the public has credibility issues with me. So for me at least, it’s not a situation where I need more book promotions or advertisements. "You can bring a horse to water but you can’t make the horse drink." There are several reasons why books do not sell as well as they should. See this write up: So this server downtime will be utilized for a rethink, re-plan and redo. :)

When I first published, I had no idea what I was up against. Would I still have written my books had I known what I now know? The answer is YES. I wrote my books for therapy and they have served their purpose. Then again, if they are just for therapy, why bother with publishing? I published because I have a message to get out. I published because I wanted to test the market for my material. Since then, I have learnt a thing or two about the publishing industry and the market. It is clear now that I shall have to do something different regarding the business model (selling books is a business!) if I want to stay in the industry. So, those of you who are reading this and are interested to publish your own books will do well to read this first:

Fans, friends and supporters of Mena Koo will still be able to keep up with her activities on her social media pages. There aren’t many of you out there due to the metaphysical material in her books that friends have said are “hard to understand,” “abstract,” or even “blasphemous.” :) Hence, it's not that I don't want a professional editor, I just can't find the right one. One who is metaphysically inclined and one that I can afford. Once again, thank you all for being here and for your continued interest.



Monday, May 16, 2016

What is the universal language understood by all life forms?

Imagine life as a contest or a game. It is bound by rules and decided by skill, strength or luck. In a contest, not everyone can win. So in life, there will be winners and there will be losers. According to the rules of this game of life, one has not won until one dies spiritually strong and one has not lost until one stops evolving spiritually.

Is it not utterly preposterous that while not everyone can win in this game of life, everyone could lose by wars? If there is a global holocaust and the whole human species is wiped out at once, is that really so bad? In that scenario, every soul would be relating on a different level and there would be no need for food, water, clothes, houses, cars, etc. and no hassles to go with those needs. There would be no requirement for jobs, careers, ambitions, politics, sex, etc. There would be no disease, pain, suffering, etc. Is that so bad?

If life is a game or a contest and in this context there has to be winners and losers, then even after a holocaust there would be winner and loser souls. And they would inter-relate on a different stratum until they can find a way to manifest themselves in some form that would serve their purpose and start the game of life process as we know it all over. Except, maybe our forms may not be human (due to the lack of sustaining elements or whatever.)

What is the universal language understood by all life forms? We know energy is the common thread but what is the common language? Is it the innate knowledge that everything has its place in the whole scheme of the Universe? Can this knowing be the common language, a sort of understanding making it a sort of language? 

Why is it our natural instinct to want to live? Why does the human race strive for life? Beyond being afraid of the unknown, I think we cling on to life is because we innately know our souls need the human body, its form, to best inter-relate. Why do we need to inter-relate so badly? Because we know deep down that it’s only by inter-relating that we learn.

Values need the physical embodiment to be felt, touched, enjoyed and enhanced, improved upon or destroyed. We need our bodies to carry out our will. Ergo, souls are willful things. And it is this will that constantly binds us to our bodies. And it is this same will that leaves our bodies when we lose the will to live. The soul having no more will to live this existence because the body can no longer serve its purpose.

Despite the suffering that these needs in human form inevitably bring about, souls would still be better off with the physical embodiment with which to do and learn something as well or as bad. So it makes sense that the more lives a soul had to live and learn, the more evolved it is. And this evolved soul continues to will life again and again so that it can learn more and more from these life chances.

Of course, lessons in life are painful experiences. Not many of us would be excited to face lifetimes of suffering yet we inherently understand that in order to experience the gifts of life, we have to take the suffering with the joy. It’s what we dog lovers understand all too well. When we say yes to a joy, we say yes to the woes as well. The experiences we souls have on the Earth plane are either gifts or lessons. We do well to try to be the gifts we want.

We need to preserve our bodies so that we can live and learn as much as we can from our life chances. A lifetime is a life chance and is not to be wasted or frolicked away. This world of ours, contrary to popular thinking, was not designed as a permanent hedonistic paradise. Eternal life is a given as we are energy to begin with and I see eternal life as the chance to be born again and again if one desires to learn more and experience more. The possibilities are endless.