Friday, December 11, 2015

Feedback Loops

(The following is an excerpt from The Dance of the Chi, First Edition: At the end of this excerpt, I will attempt to answer the question that I raised many years ago.)

Theoretically, as we expand our awareness and reach a higher consciousness, we should be vibrating at a higher frequency. I mean, that’s what we hear a lot of these days -- that we should increase our vibration. A higher vibration is desirable. Love is the highest vibration. Be Love.

However, OPC suggested the original force from which present universe came to be, and from which all universes come from, was a massive energy center.

(As I write this, I’m remembering a quote by Stephen Hawking: “Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.”)

With each split and dissemination of mass, the energy went with it and it would appear that photons and other smaller particles and smallest particles yet, would be lesser in degrees of frequency and vibration.

The Dancing Wu Li Masters page 158 says: “Mass and energy are different names for the same thing.” Page 155 suggests: “Mass is only a form of energy.” Page 57 offers: “The higher the frequency, the higher the energy; the lower the frequency, the lower the energy.”

This would suggest that the splitting of mass actually decreases the energy frequency of the separated particles, wouldn’t it? (Please see Diagram 3.)

Diagram 3

Science tells us that the Universe is constantly expanding and with it, consciousness is also constantly expanding. (Please see Diagram 4.)

Diagram 4

If the splitting of mass decreases frequency (Diagram 3), then if I aspire to go back to the Source (the Source having a higher frequency), I should raise my consciousness and this raising of consciousness is consistent with what science is telling us. (Diagram 4.)

How are we to increase our energy (Diagram 4) and raise our consciousness (Diagram 4) when the splitting of mass decreases energy (Diagram 3)?

The Dancing Wu Li Masters, page 167 offers: “There are two kinds of mass, which means that there are two ways of talking about it. The first is gravitational mass. The second type of mass is inertial mass. Inertial mass and gravitational mass are equal.”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ End of Excerpt ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

In my book, I was referring to the "Big Bang" theory. The further we expand away from Source, the less the density or frequency? Yet, it’s called “expansion.” Still, we are told today the Universe is constantly expanding and that means we are also expanding in consciousness. How do we get back to the Source if we are constantly expanding? Why is that desirable unless the Source is more, not less? How can it be more if we're constantly expanding? 

This part of the book stumped me for years! Finally, I decided to publish anyway. I decided I don't have to have all the answers, I only need to ask the questions and perhaps someone else will provide the answers. 

At the time I was writing the book, I did think that since Space is curved if we go far out enough, we would eventually make a full circle. So what this means to me, is that when we were separated from the Source at #10, we went into lower frequency stuff until we arrived at meltdown point #0. Then, if we don’t have a breakdown (rock bottom), we go on to have a breakthrough. We get back on track to make our way HOME to #10.

Using the analogy of Chi being a river and we’re the boulders in the river, the gentlest river will eventually turn the biggest boulders into pebbles and into nothingness. Hence, we will all get to go back HOME to #10 eventually.

In one of his many interesting videos (, I felt like Gabriel Kundalini was addressing the question I had asked myself many years ago. He certainly inspired me to come up with this book update.

Taking Diagram 3 as a reference point, supposing #10 was the Original State of Being Unified. Let’s suppose #10 is the Heaviest Density the universe started off with. Borrowing Gabriel’s description, we suggest the Original State was “Ice.” As matter became less and less dense the state of being became “Water” and then “Vapor/Steam/Gas.”

The expanding state of being then became “Stars” and “Light;” then, “Atoms” -- the highest vibration. This continues to expand into “Higher Chakras” territory – Pure thoughts and Mental Clarity. And then, what?

Using Gabriel’s “rubber band” example, our consciousness then “snaps back” into the “Lower Chakras State of Mind.” This completes the circle, “unifying the self” in the process.

So if we ALL started out on this journey at #10 (The Big Bang theory), this suggests we traveled the 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 highway of the Stars and at some point of transformation and evolution, we traveled the “path of Ascension” 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 trip back to Source at #10. All that is fine by me except that in ‘Conversations With God,’ Neale Donald Walsch says that this cycle is without end. I was horrified at the thought that I’d be doing this for all eternity. Neal Donald Walsch was saying that our souls/spirits wouldn’t be able to stand the #10 conditions for long. He said we would before long, be desiring to experience “what is not” again in order that we might experience again the “what is.” 

How about this Buddhist philosophy?: After a critical number of “cycles” (“critical” being the key word here), of this journey, some souls are able to CHOOSE to get off this “spinning wheel” of “Samsara?” That’s the point where we have the option to CHOOSE to merge with the light and become ONE with the light? That would be the point just before the “rubber band” snaps back into the Ascension cycle? 

At point #0 (lowest density of the cycle – light consciousness), if we don’t get off the Samsara Wheel, the density of our consciousness will keep increasing until we get back to Source at #10 (heaviest density). I used to wonder why some people called unenlightened humans “dense?” And why some call certain books like Seth’s The Nature of Reality, “dense?” This book was so “dense,” I couldn’t read it. This is so confusing to me. If the Big Bang was so dense and dense means “opposite of enlightenment,” wouldn’t that mean we all started from this point of denseness? As we expanded in consciousness, we “saw the light,” became the light and as Conversations With God would have it, we chose time and time again not to remain in that light.

Regarding the concept of “We Are One” and “One-ness” while we are on planet Earth, how about if We Are One with our Higher Selves, Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides? That is more attainable on the planet in 3-4 dimensional consciousness. Why? Simply because our Higher Selves are the 95% of our soul consciousness and it’s easier for our Higher Selves to connect with our 5% than for our 5% to connect with the Universe or with each other’s 100%. Seems to me, being one with our Higher Self is easier consciousness-wise than being one with a spouse or friend or the rest of the world. 

In the final analysis, what can I know when I’m trying to figure out the multi-dimensional aspects with my 3-4 dimensional faculties? Your guess is as good as mine? 

Most people are of the opinion such “esoteric ruminations” are “out of their depths” and “there is more benefit to focus on more mundane topics.” A friend shared that “the Buddha advised us that there are matters beyond our ability to comprehend.” My friend says these areas of speculation add nothing to his ability to cope with day-to-day living so he uses his “limited mental resources” for more immediate matters.

So I have to ask:

1. What good is it to know this “theory?”
2. Do we become “more” as we grow in awareness of the “possibilities?”
3. Are we better able to “target our consciousness?”
4. Does this help with our getting “ready for enlightenment?”
5. Does this awareness prepare us for better decision making?
6. What will we choose?