Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Question Is Half The Answer

There are many theories out there but as we know, theories cannot be proven. I shared previously the Tibetan belief of the Bardos of Dhamatta and Becoming. This is about the soul spending X amount of time immediately after a human’s or animal’s death and going into the next Bardo and then spending another X amount of time there before being ushered into a new incarnation or rebirth.

Many wisely question how anyone could definitely know things of this nature.  Metaphysics, as we are aware, is an intuitive "science of knowing." How do the masters and teachers know anything? I will share that I believe the souls/spirits of humans who do evil things will be trapped for a while after they die. Just like those who have experienced violent deaths whether by their own hands or by others. Their stream of consciousness, vibration, energy, etc. will likely pull them into a kind of "prison" where more dark/heavy energy exists. How long they remain there, is anyone's guess. I mean, we know of disembodied spirits (ghosts) who are trapped on the Earth plane after death and they can remain trapped until someone knows how to guide them to the other side. Once on the other side, they can choose (as some believe) to be reincarnated or the powers beyond our comprehension (as others believe) can propel them into the next energy experience with or without their cooperation.

I have often reflected on these issues myself. I find it hard to believe that a human who allows him/herself to do evil things can die and be reincarnated immediately after to do good things. I would think the previous consciousness stream would still predominate. So even if murderers get to experience more lifetimes after the one in which they caused so much suffering and pain to others, I don't think these life chances will come about as quickly as for the average soul. I like to believe in cosmic justice and karma so I hope these souls get to experience what it's like to be on the receiving end of such evil. Not necessarily out of a sense of revenge but if they understand what the pain and suffering are like, they might not ever want to inflict such on others again. I like to believe just as goodness is its own heaven, evil is its own hell.   

On Yuval Harare's RSA talk: A History of Tomorrow, he shares his view that there will always be hierarchy. In the future, there will be humans created by Biotechnology to be higher up in status due to manufactured qualities. The masses down the hierarchy line will just have to find their own way to live a meaningful life. In addressing this ongoing existential crisis, I've simplified living to love and compassion. Whatever is the question, love and compassion are the answers. The Dalai Lama said as much: If you want to be happy, practice compassion. If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. This is the way of peace. 

I studied astrology for the patterns of energy and the timing of events. I don't want to invite a discussion on astrology—to each our own—I just want to say that life's traumas will hit every human at some point. What good is that to know unless we can find ways to suffer less, right? I've discovered a metaphysical philosophy that we can manage our suffering by choosing to take on certain kinds of suffering rather than let life manifest these sufferings for us. For example, if a human has been fortunate all his/her life, and he/she wishes to avoid the suffering that's inevitable to come, he/she should get involved with charity work that involves inconveniencing themselves and involving different degrees of suffering for the cause. In this way, the suffering is voluntary and under control. Otherwise, life will run its course and the suffering can be unmanageable.

They say the love consciousness is the highest vibration of all so that means love is of merit to the overall universe, right? If it's not coming quite easily to individuals and the planet, I guess that means we are not doing the right things to attract it. I guess that means we have to be the gifts we want? On every level, beginning with the individual, if we want love, we have to BE love. People keep praying/meditating for world peace. I would start first with personal peace then move on to household peace and the wider community. If we are not in peace to begin with, there can be no world peace. The humans who are causing the most pain and suffering in the world are themselves in a state of "Hell" (Narcissists, Sociopaths, Psychopaths, etc). I call this state the EFAW state. EFAW stands for Evil Forces At Work. Whatever we choose to call this state, it's the opposite of Love and Light. People who do not like the word “evil” might want to replace that with “dark/heavy energy.”

Whenever I’m unsure about a person, an event or an experience, I create two boxes in my mind. One is labeled 'Creative;' the other 'Destructive.' When in doubt, I ask myself which box does this (whatever) go into? Once I get down to that kind of simplification, the values of my world are not that complex or abstract anymore. 
For everything that we gain, we lose something and for everything that we lose, we gain something. For me, the best kind of love is the kind that brings me peace. Putting a value on humans is more complex because humans are multidimensional entities existing in a multidimensional universe trying to make sense of everything in a 3-4 dimensional world.

In the case of NSPs (Narcissists, Sociopaths, Psychopaths) aka the catch-all term Narcopaths, do these souls decide between lifetimes, while in spirit form, to create all the confusion, drama and suffering in order to teach others in their "soul group" the lessons that they agreed (again, between lifetimes in spirit form) they wanted/needed to learn? If that is the case, does this mean they will attract the "nature-nurture" events in their lives to manifest the conditions suitable to play out their NSP roles? This would mean it doesn't matter why NSPs become what they are. It becomes their soul purpose, does it not? This would explain why they can't change even when at times they appear to be really invested in being better people. I don't like this "pre-birth soul contract" theory. I like the idea that the point of power is always in the present and that souls can make and break contracts at will at any time—during a lifetime or between lifetimes. However, just because that's what I like it doesn't mean that is the way absolute reality works.

I don't like the idea that souls actually choose to set themselves back in the evolution of their consciousness in order that other souls might make progress in their evolution of consciousness process. This seems to me that metaphysical minds all over the world are desperate to find the answers as to why people do what they do. The world (human affairs) doesn't make sense because people, IMO, are leaving out a vital point of reference and that to me is the EFAW (or the dark and heavy energy). Once we factor the EFAW into the equation, it begins to make sense. Basically, it's an energy battle. It always has been and it always will be.

The problem I have with the “pre-birth contract” theory is that it appears to be predetermination and fate in other words. If it's true we can't remember these sacred contracts when we are born into our present lifetimes, then our conscience should prevent us from doing harm to others, correct? If this is so, since the NPDs and NSPs do not have a conscience, then they must be the "chosen ones" or the ones who "volunteered" to do all the hurting. Does this make sense or not?

Again, we are all multi-dimensional entities manifesting in a multi-dimensional universe. Planet Earth is so challenging because we are spirits struggling within a 3-4 dimensional reality which is limiting our multi-dimensional selves (our consciousness).