Tuesday, November 10, 2015

MenaKoo.com Updates

I have persuaded my webmaster to create a blog page on MenaKoo.com as there is an added important reason not to depend on an external blog. In the event that my Google account is hacked (and that actually happened in the middle of this year), I would lose access to my Google-related blog as well. A website is a sound investment for me as I can get hacked on my social media pages (has happened before) and then I have to start all over again or just plain give up on them. With websites, everything is backed up and even if a website is hacked, all we have to do is to upload the contents again. And again. And again. However many times we get hacked.

While the blog page is being created, I’m using the Angels’ page on MenaKoo.com to blog. When the blog page on my website is ready, we will transfer these write-ups over.

I'm learning something new about myself and the book industry every day. I've joined a few Writers' Groups on Facebook and writers are readers. So when a writer says he/she is going to buy my book, I feel obligated to buy his/her book back. This is not a good idea as:

a) We keep canceling out each other's income
b) I really have no time to read that many books
c) At this phase of my life, I'm seeking to simplify the lifestyle and get more and more connected with Source. At this point, I need to spend more time with my own thoughts rather than to fill my mind with other people's thoughts. So, I find this "you read my book, I read your book" thing stressful.

I've also discovered that humility only works well when one has already made it. The more successful one is the more humble one can afford to be. I try to be modest about my books and my life path but I find that is not how one markets a book and is not what potential readers want to hear. It seems they want me to say: "
Listen, I have given everything I had to give creating these important pieces of work here so that you can benefit from them. I've done this thing now so you please just go and run with it. And while you're reading my book(s), my life goes on. My struggle goes on. There is no end to the struggle."

In my two books, I share the same chapter called 'My EFAW Theory.' EFAW stands for 'Evil Forces At Work.' Most new agers and spiritual people don't like the word "evil." I use it for want of a better word. They also don't take to the idea of duality but I touch upon that in my books as I share my beliefs.

They say we attract the vibrations we are. So whenever I feel in low vibration, I seek something high vibration to do as that is the best way to cope and deal. They say love is the highest vibration of all. So when I feel low, I do something loving. Like the other day, when I went to give the strays some love. I'm always conflicted when I adopt a stray as that is a 10-15 year commitment. Even now as I write this I have to remind myself what the Dalai Lama shared: If you want to be happy, practice compassion. If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. So love and compassion are the way forward.

Where there is darkness, there is light. Where there is the positive there is the negative. I agree with my lightworker friends that many people don't want to deal with duality and that my books can be uncomfortable reading for such people. It really is as important to recognize the darkness as we recognize the light. The opposing energies are there in the Universe whether we like it or not.

Here I share an excerpt from The Dance of the Chi:
Anti-matter is described by Webster’s New World Dictionary as: “A form of matter in which the electrical charge or other property of each constituent particle is the reverse of that in the usual matter of our universe: an atom of antimatter has a nucleus of antiprotons and antineutrons surrounded by positrons.” (Just don’t ask me to repeat this without text reference! Thanks.) ☺
This, it seems to me, is an example of the yin and yang forces at the universal level. Scientists report observations of what appeared to be a glowing of gamma radiation from the disc of the Milky Way. They said these were the light of distant combat between armies of matter and antimatter annihilating each other in tremendous flashes of energy.
This strikes me as proof that the system we live in will always be one in which energy will somehow combat energy. Different forces WILL combat each other. If it’s true for the outer reaches of our Milky Way, why not for us here on planet Earth?
It seems we live in a violent world as an extension of the violent outer reaches of space.
Perhaps, the clue to the fate of the soul can be found with the clue to the fate of the universe. If the universe is without an end, is the soul also without an end?
If about 90% of the mass of the universe is unseen, could it be that about 90% of a human being is also unseen? As above, so below? The macro universe and the micro universe?
I don’t necessarily HAVE to have the answers. I only need to ask the right questions.”

~~~~~~~~~~~~end of excerpt~~~~~~~~~~~~

I was around a lot of EFAW and negativity all 60 years of my life. That's how I came up with my own theory which I share in my two books. Changing Orbits is the microcosm aspect and The Dance of the Chi is the macrocosm. You can read both previews on the Books page of menakoo.com.

I believe I have shared important insights regarding forces, energy, vibrations and frequencies. I believe it’s a positive and useful thing that I’m sharing these so that people can learn to understand and navigate these dark energies instead of avoiding the subject because it makes them uncomfortable. Whether we turn the coin over or not, the flip side exists. We all like to think and feel “light” but we won’t enjoy the light unless we acknowledge the darkness as well. Metaphysicians have said it over and over again. There can be no light without the darkness. Be aware of the darkness around you and within you. Do not deny that they exist. It’s all part and parcel of life on this planet and in the Universe.  Observe the dark energies; learn to understand and navigate these energies.

On the various Writers' Group Facebook pages I’ve joined, I observe how writers are investing so much of themselves on their book projects to the exclusion of everything else. Most of them behave as if writing books is the end all and be all of their lives. Passion is a wonderful thing but balance is also important. There are other things to achieve in life besides writing and publishing. For me, that other thing is dog rescuing. After being in the writing/publishing zone for a year, I spent a day recently going back to my other love – dogs. I have just adopted Buddy, a male of uncertain age. When I find myself too immersed in the literary world and in social media, I like to take a step back and go back to basics. It keeps me sane and healthy.